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A recent study conducted by mobile application analytics firm Flurry showed that people are spending more time on dating apps than any other kind of mobile phone application. Your phone isn’t just for playing games or making phone calls. It can easily become your main source of social interactions whether you are looking for romance or someone to go bar-hopping with. This page is full of information about the latest mobile dating apps. Things are changing quickly. By the time you read this, there may be even more for you to choose from.

What is Mobile Dating Anyway? - Mobile dating is a term used by the media and some individuals to describe the process of using your Smartphone to meet people. One of the differences between mobile dating and online dating websites has to do with the GPS function found on most mobile phones. The app uses the GPS to find people that you could actually bump into on the street, which makes it a “location-based” application. Not all of the dating apps for mobile phones are location-based but that’s what people could be talking about when they mention mobile dating. On the other hand, they could be talking about something else.

Some people use the apps for fun. They are not looking to meet anyone. They might chat and flirt a little but it’s just another kind of game to them. One user reported in an interview that he had dozens of “matches” on Tinder, one of the popular apps, but had never met any of those people in real life. So you could say that mobile dating is “user defined”.

How This Got Started - Developing dating apps for phones made sense because of the popularity of online dating websites like and Plenty of Fish.  The mobile apps have only been around for a couple of years, but there are already dozens of different ones to choose from. Launch dates for some of the specific apps are included in the descriptions that follow.

How the Apps Work - The apps work in different ways.  All of them can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Some work only on iPhones, while others work only on Androids. The first step may be finding one that works on your phone.  Once you download an app, you register by giving some information about yourself, just as you would with an online dating site. Most people upload photos and a brief bio is a normal requirement. That’s how they work, in general. You follow the prompts just as you would to download any app. Once your download is complete, the way the individual apps work varies. Some examples . . .

What about Videos? - Being able to record and share videos through your dating app is the next step. Some developers are working on that kind of app. Right now, it’s photos and chat. Next month, you might be able to find the perfect date by watching a video. You would get to see and hear your matches, watch how they move and learn more about them than you probably could through a photo or text message. The cost of video mobile dating services will likely be higher than anything we’ve seen before.

Tens of thousands of dollars go into the development of those kinds of applications. But you might still be able to get a membership for a price similar to what you would pay at eHarmony.  Actually, it wouldn’t be surprising if eHarmony was one of the first companies to release a video dating app, since they were one of the first (if not the first) companies to allow users to upload videos to their website.

Control, Privacy and Safety Concerns - The privacy and safety of the different apps varies. Since Skout tells you where people you might want to date are located, it also tells other people where you are. Your “exact” location is never revealed, only a general location. Your phone number is not made public and you have the ability to turn off the location function if you choose. . . so that people won’t harass you.

Regardless of which app you choose to use, you need to be aware of the basic safety rules that apply to all online interactions.  Protect yourself by using only your first name.  Your address and phone number should not be “public”. If you use both your first and last name, someone could easily Google your home address, especially with the GPS location-based apps.  Be cautious when agreeing to meet. Meet in a public place and bring along a friend.  Be sure that you can trust this person before you invite him or her to your home.

Hinge could be an application to consider for safety and privacy concerns, because only friends of your friends, people you might normally meet at a social gathering, will be suggested by the app. While it’s good to be concerned about your control, privacy and safety, don’t let those concerns stop you from taking advantage of all that mobile dating apps have to offer.

Illustration from Mobile Marketing saying, "Mobile Love, Dating App Trends & Insights.  The left-side of the illustration is a hand holding a cell phone with a drawing of a bearded man with tatoos on the face of the phone, and on the right is a hand holding a cell phone with a young woman with her hair tied in two buns and a heart with wings just below half of her face.  You can only see her eyes.


Video Mobile Dating

Developing dating apps for phones made sense because of the popularity of online dating websites like and Plenty of Fish.  The mobile apps have only been around for a couple of years, but there are already dozens of different ones to choose from.

JANUARY 16, 2015


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