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The Era of ME!

Drawing from John Atikson ( titled Social MEdia where ten little stick figures have logos from Pinterest, Facebook, Twiter, YouTube on the square for their body saying, like ME!, listen to ME!, watch ME!, agree with ME!, look at ME!

It’s all about you (right?) . . and what makes you happy, with selfies as the ultimate graphic representation of this self-centered mindset.


AUGUST 28, 2016

By now everyone is aware of the all-encompassing social trend that is the selfie. The practice of holding a camera at arm’s length and taking a photo of yourself began almost as soon as social media sites became popular.  The selfie soon took on a life of its own and the word “selfie” earned the highest form of legitimacy when it was entered into the Oxford English Dictionary.

There is no denying the popularity of selfies.  Log onto your Facebook or Instagram account at any time of day and you’re likely to find hundreds of selfies from your friends and family.  You’ve probably posted a few yourself.   Go on, it’s ok to admit it.  At its most basic, there is nothing wrong with posting a picture of yourself to your social media page; it’s when that practice becomes a habit or even an obsession that it becomes less than pleasant.

The selfie has become something of a badge of honor, particularly among the millennials, for whom life on social media is the norm.  This is a generation that grew up used to making every moment of their lives open to public scrutiny.  But why would anyone want to expose themselves in such a public way?  It can’t possibly be a healthy thing.

In fact, while selfies can help to bolster your self-esteem, when taken to the kind of extremes that we see all too often these days, they can serve exactly the opposite purpose.  The more people post pictures of themselves, the more they tend to become addicted to the responses.  This is particularly true for people with low self-esteem.  They need that constant encouragement in order to feel better about themselves.  But that very same attention can end up working against them.

As critical comments are made, it is all too easy for people to take them to heart and begin to feel even more unhappy with themselves.   While there is no data supporting the taking of selfies as a cause for Body Dysmorphic Disorder, it can certainly complicate existing cases of BDD, as individuals with these tendencies allow the criticism they receive to feed their image issues.

As with any addiction, taking and posting selfies can give you a rush as you literally make yourself an instant social media celebrity.  But like most addictions, this behavior can quickly become damaging.  Not only is it annoying to those of us who don’t want our social media pages flooded with selfies, it also sends a horrible message about the state of our society.

Unfortunately, we live in an era of instant gratification as well as extreme narcissism.  It’s all about me and what makes “me” happy, with selfies as the ultimate graphic representation of this self-centered mindset.  But posting a selfie isn’t just about sharing your experiences, it’s sending a very personal message about you and your emotional state and it’s not always a pretty picture.

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