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Most of us understand the advantages of participating in social media and other online sites for both our personal and professional lives.  In this increasingly digital age, we have reached the point where a person’s online and offline lives are inextricably intertwined.  The danger in letting this happen can result in opening ourselves to the influence of others on our own personal narrative and that isn’t always a healthy thing.

Everyone has some sort of narrative that informs their lives, a basis for what guides their thoughts and beliefs.  Historically, for most people that narrative was based on one of the major religious constructs, either Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.  We were born into a certain belief set and it informed every step of our life’s journey.

This worked fine when we were living within a society with a limited construction.  We could control the influences that entered our lives and choose what kind of impact they would have on us.  With the advent of the Internet, our world began to expand tremendously and as a result, the number of outside influences impacting our personal narrative has also increased.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good thing since, as is the case with many aspects of our lives, not all of these influences are well intentioned.  We live in a world now where major corporations, radical groups, religious identity sects, and even the government can get a window into our lives on a regular basis and use what they find to try and tailor our narrative for their own ends.

At the same time, more and more we are turning to cyberspace to get our information and we aren’t being as discriminating with that information as perhaps we should be.  We’re far too quick to accept everything we see and these various groups are aware of that fact and increasingly use it to their benefit.  They control what we see and in so doing shape the set of beliefs that make up the very narrative of our lives.

The problem is that many of these groups are populated by greedy, profit driven psychopaths who don’t care what their manipulation may do to us as long as it gets them what they want.  They are more than happy to peddle their own agendas, often using false information to do so.  And with a population that is sadly willing to give up their own common sense in order to feel better about themselves, we make this very easy for the psychopaths out there.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.  Social media can, in fact, be a force for good provided we approach it the right way.  Rather than allowing our narrative to be shaped by others, we need to take charge of it again.  We need to find a positive, empowering narrative to follow, one that can inform every part of our lives and give us the solid foundation that we need to build our lives on. Perhaps now is the time to consider the Fallen Goddess Scenario, a narrative that is the biography of a divine cosmic power called Sophia, the Divine Mother, Gaia, Mother Nature, the Earth Mother.

It’s up to us to make this happen.  We need to look beyond the information controlled by corporate or governmental greed and find a truth that we can center on.  Then we need to take an active approach to social media interactions and drive that narrative so that it spreads the right way.  Only in this way can we foster a society based on the principles of love, kindness, generosity and hope; a society where we can all come together for good and break free from the ugliness that has been overwhelming us.

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SEPT  8, 2016

The Narrative, Psychopaths and Social Networks

We need to find a positive, empowering narrative to follow, one that can inform every part of our lives and give us the solid foundation that we need to build our lives on.


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“ Mother Earth

The story we tell about Mother Earth is the narrative that will allow us to realize our role in Her purposes, even though Her purposes extend beyond the scope of human concerns. This story, and this story alone, will reveal how human intelligence interacts with planetary intelligence. This scenario looks outward toward the far reaches of the macrocosmos and simultaneously inward toward the most intimate details of life in the terrestrial habitat, including events in the psychic, mental and emotional life of humanity. To unfold a new cosmic story we must decenter ourselves and see the world-process in Gaian perspective, through Her eyes. Only then may we recover our right relation to all life, a revisioned sense of purpose and a new centering in what Buddhists call Prajna-Paramita-Hrdaya, paramount insight born from the wisdom of the heart. In Gnostic terms this is the Sophianic endowment, the sapience of the human species.”
Author: John Lamb Lash

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