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Christiane Amanpour, globetrotting international journalist of exceptional professionalism and talent, interviewed an obviously affluent, educated, suave French lady on the streets of Paris very early Saturday morning after the terrorist attack there in November 2015. Speaking softly, but deliberately, showing little emotion, the French woman, when asked her thoughts on the horrific Friday evening of mayhem in her country, responded, "Immigration of today is the terrorism of tomorrow."

Simple but stirring, painful but poignant, difficult but distressing, a call to attention for what we must consider here in our own country, the United States of America, lest we, ourselves, become even more complacent and ignore the obvious out of a false sense of obligation to the destitute and needy of the entire world.

On Friday, January 27, 2016, President Donald J. Trump, on his eighth day in office, as a first step in his avowed quest to bring under control the unfettered immigration situation, long a problem for the United States, issued a controversial, much-needed presidential executive order: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.

Later in the day, all hell broke loose in the form of demonstrations--mostly Middle Eastern foreigners it appeared--at major airports such as JFK in New York, O'Hare in Chicago, and at LAX, while the most liberal of cable news stations--although caught off guard and flummoxed by the suddenness of the new president's audacity--lit up the air with their most dependable, far-left commentators and guest whiners. Most insufferable of those was CNN and MSNBC. FOX at least made an effort at balance, but of course they failed.

I tuned in immediately to MSNBC, the leader of extreme liberalism on cable news, where I watched one dystopian guest commentator caution us, in a genuinely concerned, whining voice as to the far-reaching, long-term, negative effects of Trump's brazenness. His warning was that the United States would be immediately affected by not allowing "the best and the brightest"--a phrase coined by David Halberstam in his book by that name--to immigrate to the United States and thereby give us the edge we enjoy over the rest of the world in developing technology and the likes that bring us business success as well as contribute to improving the living standard in our society. He made no reference in his plea as to how many nor from where, although the executive order mainly targeted seven Middle East countries.

He implored the president to consider that point, although we have sometimes been criticized for the "brain drain" phenomena experienced by other countries when their best and most highly educated abandon their country of origin to come to the United States for the benefits and wealth accorded to their being so smart.

To further emphasize his point, he held his cell phone in his right hand, raised it over his head, then suddenly released his grip on it letting it crash to the floor, bouncing and ringing at his feet.

Well, that did it for me! I was immediately and profoundly convinced that we must allow whatever amount of immigration it takes--legal or illegal, Muslim or non-Muslim, from wherever in the world. Without doubt or hesitation, we must encourage those smart fellas abroad to--posthaste--come to the United States, no matter what their own country thinks of our enticements to their educated citizens, and we must counter any attempt to thwart that invitation--especially the harmful and radical executive order issued by the president. No matter the danger such actions pose to us. After all, that fellow on MSNBC seemed astute enough to risk destroying his iPhone for me to not have to. How could we live without it and the other high tech gadgets this political pundit warns us we will lose if we do not oppose limiting immigration?

For sure, I often wonder how I lived without my iPhone all those years--that and no Facebook to post whatever irrelevance happens every day in my dull life for others to endure. Think about it, my fellow Americans. How can we not allow unregulated numbers of the world's masses into our country thereby improving our standard of living?

(Funny, but from my vantage point, where I have spotted dozens upon dozens of illegals of unknown origin recently having crossed our southern border at San Diego, walking north along the beaches--of our Marine Base at Camp Pendleton no less--towards Los Angeles, I have observed very few--if any--brain surgeons, computer geniuses, or those with PhDs from prestigious foreign universities. No, those I see are the poorest-of-the-poor, the uneducated, the criminal elements of the drug cartels with their mules carrying millions of dollars in cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or methamphetamines. Maybe even a terrorist or two? I see none of those as described by the Eastern intellectuals pontificating on MSNBC or CNN, arguing against immigration reform in any way, shape, or form.)

Of course, I jest a tad here. But those types of arguments--as dangerous as they are ludicrous--have been promoted and repeated as the way it is today in our country and around the world by those opposing any immigration limits of the infinite numbers seeking refuge in the United States. These misjudgments as to the true consequences and effects of uncontrolled, unregulated immigration--legal and illegal--are becoming increasingly advanced by many in the world of journalism and cable news where liberals most often prevail.

With Presidents Trump's bold initiative, signed into effect for immediate enforcement, scads of limousine liberals, ACLU-loving malcontents, secreted socialists of means and stature, and an extraordinary number of our increasingly far-left educators at the collegiate level--especially those of Ivy League status--having left the sanctity and security of their businesses, their campuses, and their upscale homes in upscale neighborhoods, now jump into the fray with an agitating demeanor and celebratory glee, now feel they must educate all of us unacquainted with or unaware of our moral responsibility to every person in the entire world needing our help. They insist on how the world is a community of equals, how globalism is a fact of life, and how wrong we are to not readily and willingly accept those "huddled masses" referred to in the inscription on the bronze plaque affixed to the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

Another liberal CNN commentator stated his case nearly the same, pleading, "We need them!" making the argument that they are indispensable to our success in higher education, medicine, technology, and other areas of our life. Another prominent argument was voiced repeatedly by leftists that the world would think badly of us. "Such actions are not the American way."

Why should we worry about these and the other obtuse opinions by the ultra-liberal left beseeching our better nature with disregard to the common sense of it all when the safety and security of Americans is the most applicable argument for controlling who comes to our country? We should not--not for a single minute! The United States has done more for the world that any other country in it. Look it up.

Did we, as a nation drawn into a World War on two fronts in the 1940s, inadequately armed and equipped to do so due to our politicians allowing our military to shrink, become weakened, and not prepared for the battles to come, cower and surrender at the first opportunity? Did we, as did Neville Chamberlin, seek compromise with Germany with its Nazi Panzer divisions rumbling across Europe intent on invading and conquering all countries of that continent, including Great Britain? Did we go on bended knee asking the Japanese for mercy after they had devastated our Pacific Fleet by attacking, without warning or a declaration of war, our United States Navy ships anchored in Pearl Harbor on the Sunday morning of December 7, 1941, where 2,403 Americans died and 1,178 were wounded--the "Day of Infamy" as FDR referred to it?

Hell No!

Our American leaders did not compromise, cower, or otherwise show any weakness in the face of the impending, but inevitably approaching, World War II crisis. Neither did the United States surrender, nor did we even believe we would not prevail over the evils of Nazism and Japanese imperialism. We certainly gave no thought about not having foreign illegal or legal immigrants sufficient in number to meet the challenges ahead. Instead, we went to work in factories, in the fields, and in the shipyards. The dedication and hard work of "Rosie the riveter," "Farmer John," and welders of steel who lived by the creed "loose lips sink ships" began to produce the materials of war we would need desperately to be victorious.

It was an era of total commitment, an age of selfless sacrifice for the good of our country--most everyone pitched in. My older brother Burt tells of his and our mother's scavenging tin cans from the trash containers of the neighborhood, turning them into a local collection facility in Far Rockaway, New York. There they were boxed up, then trucked to factories where they were--can-by-can--processed into metal that was used to build the tanks of General Patton's 3rd Army that raced across Europe, forded the Rhine river, and forced the defeat of Germany. Some of those tin cans my brother collected may have been used to build the B-29 bomber, Boscar, piloted by Major Charles W. Sweeney, that carried "Fat Man"--an atomic weapon of unimaginable consequence--to Nagasaki, Japan, ultimately and quickly bringing the Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu to the deck of the USS Missouri to humbly surrender to General Douglas MacArthur. My brother proudly brags of his contribution, as a ten-year-old, to winning World War II. Maybe he did!

My point is that the cowardly "Chicken Little" predictions and predilections of the dire consequences of controlling our borders, stemming the tide of immigrants to our shores, preventing illegal entry of those who may be intent on doing us harm, as well as how many and who we allow into our country legally is a matter needing study, a problem needing resolution. We cannot, nor should we, allow what has been occurring now over at least a twenty-five-year period--neither the unconstrained and unmonitored deluge of immigrants from the world over with no regard as to the numbers, the country of origin, nor the assimilation--or refusal to do so--of those "huddled masses" once they are here.

Every nation has the right--indeed, the moral obligation--to establish and defend its territory. To do so, nation's must prevent and protect against illegal crossings of their borders, and any other locations subject to alternate means of entry such as airports, seaports, or--as is the case in my area of southern California--even the beaches of our coastline, where Mexican pangas are landed frequently, offloading dozens of illegal seagoing immigrants from who-knows-where. Crudely built submarines have even been spotted off our coast--most loaded with the Mexican cartels' plentiful drugs destined for American cities coast to coast.

Limiting the numbers--and even the ethnicity--of immigrants is the right of any nation. It is part and parcel--indeed, the very foundation--of the concept of sovereignty. The main consideration against allowing countless refugees to flood our shores--from anywhere, but especially from the Muslim countries of the Middle East region that is a hotbed of radical Islamic ideology--is first and foremost, and must always be, the safety of our own citizens.

That tired old cliché--We are a nation of immigrants!--has once again resumed its place in the argument of anyone not supporting immigration limits. The outcry from them is erroneous and, even if it were once true, is no longer applicable. If we look across the Atlantic to Europe, we can easily see that limitless immigration, especially of Muslim refugees, is the wrong course for our country. Unrestrained and unscreened floods of Muslim immigrants to England, France, Germany, Italy--all of Europe really--has resulted in dependent foreigners who refuse to assimilate, refuse to abide by the cultural and legal customs and traditions of our Western societies, and in many cases--the majority--refuse to educate or train themselves to work, and thereby contribute to the country that so graciously invited them.

As for France, and the rest of Europe, the grand experiment of multiculturalism has failed--miserably! Speaking on MSNBC shortly after the attacks, a retired United States Army general, considered an expert on terrorism, may have summed the situation up succinctly: "France has a problem; Europe has a problem--unassimilated Muslim youth, a recipe for disaster." Need we ignore this accurate and reasoned analysis on the pretense of a misguided sense of obligation?

You may ask, "Are there not desperate and destitute millions of refugees in the world fleeing epidemic disease, endemic poverty, social upheaval of unthinkable proportion, and wars of inconceivable death and destruction throughout the world--Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, the Far East, and elsewhere?"

Yes, admittedly there are--all the above in pandemic degree. Is bringing them all--millions of "... your tired, your poor, your huddled masses... the wretched refuse... the homeless, tempest-tossed... " and, I might add, your radical Islamic terrorists--to our shores the answer? Not if we look at such actions in an objective light and not through the lens of emotion. We, as Americans, have always come to the aid of the downtrodden of the world. And yes, that is the "American way." But we must now, based on the overwhelming numbers as well as the suitability to our culture and society--multiculturalism be damned--approach and resolve the immigration problem rationally, without losing sight of our own best interests.

Have we so soon forgotten the carnage of 9/11--the deadliest terrorist act in world history and the most devastating foreign attack on American soil since the abomination of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. On that single day in September 2011--in a matter a several hours--there were 2,996 people killed and more than 6,000 others wounded--mostly innocent Americans.

What is of concern to most of us as potential victims of terror attacks are these Middle East refugees flocking to our country as a perilous and unregulated result of our failed immigration policies--including former President Obama's own careless and ill-thought-out plan to admit hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees--disregarding the threat some may pose to Americans wherever they live.

Our national security is at stake. Indeed, your life, my life, our families' lives, our friends' lives--everyone is a potential target now. Accept it! Unless we recognize the threat and act accordingly, the front lines of the war on terror will be drawn at our doorsteps in the very near future, if not already there! Despite even the most stringent selection and vetting precautions, the potential exists--no, is imminent--for terrorists to slip by our immigration screening, not to mention illegal entry through our porous borders, and enter our country intent on bringing a "Paris" to New York City. Or Los Angeles. Or a city near you.

No one supporting President Trump's executive order, or his other plans to get a handle on the immigration problem in our country, has claimed that every Muslim is a terrorist. That is surely not the case, but all the terrorists we read or hear about in the world today, certainly all those who have done--and intend to continue to do--us harm are Muslims.

It wasn't Irish Catholics who flew those three deadly Boeing "missiles" into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11 killing nearly 3000 innocents; it wasn't Protestants who set off pressure cooker bombs in Boston, Massachusetts, during the marathon on April 15, 2013, killing 3 and injuring 140 others; it wasn't Baptists who murdered 5 members of our military in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in July, 2015; it wasn't a Lutheran couple who destroyed Christmas for most all of us--and killed 14 innocent attendees of an office meeting and Christmas party on December 2, 2015, in San Bernardino, California; it wasn't a Jewish man who slaughtered all those young revelers in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016, leaving 49 people dead and 53 wounded. I recall no Buddhists, Hindus, nor Sikhs murdering any Americans, blowing up bombs, or otherwise threatening our safety. No, in each case--and numerous other instances of mayhem here in the United States, and Europe least we forget--it was radical Islamic terrorists, most of whom immigrated to this country, or to Belgium, France, or Germany. Need I continue?

Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies, testified before Congress on November 19, 2015, where he pointedly discussed the folly of our insistence on allowing unlimited numbers of Middle East refugees, especially from Syria, into our country:

    "A wise man once said "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils." Halting refugee resettlement from the Middle East would be just such an act of statesmanship.

    The starting point of any policy debate is that the government of the United States has no responsibility to anyone but the citizens of the United States... the president and members of Congress must necessarily put the interests of the American people before the interests of foreigners... This means the United States government has no responsibility to refugees; they have no claim on it and no right to demand anything of it... The Center for Immigration Studies has calculated that it costs 12 times as much to resettle a refugee in the United States as it does to care for the same refugee in the neighboring countries of first asylum, namely Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon... Given these limitations on resources, I submit that it is wrong-morally wrong-to use those resources to resettle one refugee here when we could help 12 closer to their home."

If you, Microsoft and your billionaire cronies in Silicon Valley, cry and whine that the president's executive order will harm you financially, that you cannot succeed without those abominable H-1B visas in ever-increasing numbers--85,000 foreign workers allowed into the United States annually, with more requested each year--bringing in "brains" from India and other far-flung countries to fill your laboratories because "qualified Americans cannot be found," then I say you are not only unpatriotic, you are short-sighted. Oh, did I forget--covetously greedy, too.

Get together and get a program in our colleges and universities that will promote scores of young men and women--United States citizens--to be able to attend institutions of higher education despite the excessive cost. There's where you come in, Bill Gates and all you other multimillionaires and billionaires who have reaped the rewards of others' work and sweat. Provide the funds for deserving but financially deprived students to achieve success with your assistance. I have always hated to hear your whining about not enough qualified Americans being available, yet you have done little to resolve that here in our country. Your goal must be to enroll at least 10,000 needy students per year in the education specialties you require. That is less than.001 % of those eligible.

Go into the inner cities and into the rural poor areas where you will find American youth desperately in need of a financial boost who will reward you with the "qualified Americans" you say cannot be found. Give assistance to those inner city and poor rural area schools to increase their numbers of qualified teachers and up-to-date, state-of-the-art facilities. Stop being so damned greedy that you lose sight of what our country is all about--education and opportunity. You will be rewarded soon enough if you make that concerted effort, if not in immediate financial gains, at least spiritually that you have made a difference in someone's life.

Jody Warrick has written a superbly accurate and frightening account of the threat to the United States and all Western countries: Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS. In it, you learn, in detail, how competent, how dangerous, how determined, how threatening, and, ultimately, how patient our radical Muslim enemies are to our country. Read it--it will alter your thinking on immigration, especially from the Middle East--the cauldron of radical Islam that it is.

Another of the preferred of the books out now on the subject is ISIS: Inside The Army of Terror by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan. The authors describe ISIS as complex and multifaceted.

"ISIS is a terrorist organization, but it isn't only a terrorist organization. It is also a mafia... adept at exploiting markets for oil and arms trafficking... It is a conventional military with a professional acumen that has impressed members of the US military... It is a sophisticated intelligence-gathering apparatus... It is a slick propaganda machine effective at disseminating its message and calling in new recruits via social media... "

In that book, on the very last page, 242, one will read a lone paragraph consisting of a single sentence, which quantifies our challenge here at home to some degree, and in which the authors boldly and unequivocally predict:

The army of terror will be with us indefinitely.

Postscript: First, I dedicate this article to all those little "snowflakes" claiming they live in fear of our President. Really? More so than the attacks on The World Trade Center, our Pentagon, Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando's gay night club, Brussels, Nice, Paris? You all really must mature, assess the world logically, and get some courage together to stand up for what is necessary to ensure your and others safety and security. Your selfish attitudes are no help to our society, in which you are guaranteed your liberty and unlimited opportunity. If you cannot do those things, try moving to Syria to see how that fits you.

In the meantime, visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial there to get a sense of that unprovoked attack on the United States; visit the cemeteries on the Normandy coast of France to witness the countless crosses Americans are buried under-their last great measure of sacrifice to preserve your freedom; most poignantly, visit the Arlington National Cemetery at dusk, the resting place for more than four hundred thousand seven hundred Americans who have given their all, paid the ultimate price to guarantee your freedom and liberty. There, row upon endless row of white crosses stretch for as far as the eye can see, perfectly aligned no matter what angle look at them from--"... the field of the dead... "--six hundred twenty-four acres of pristine hallowed ground where you will get a sense of the price our veterans have paid over our history to ensure your safety and security as well as the independence you enjoy without thought--or even appreciation--everyday.

Second: To you who have snuck into my country and broken our laws, thereby jumping the line of those who have applied legally to immigrate here, the time has arrived for repatriation to wherever it was you came from-with very, very few exceptions.

Major Dennis Copson is a retired United States Marine. He is a Vietnam Vet, serving there in the 3rd Recon Battalion, 3rd Marine Division in 1968-1969 where he was awarded two Bronze Star medals with Combat "V" (valor). He is a freelance writer and editor, recently having assisted Col Jim Bathurst in his book, "We'll All Die As Marines: One Marine's Journey From Private To Colonel."

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Immigration of Today Is the Terrorism of Tomorrow

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By Major Dennis Copson |   Submitted On February 13, 2017