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How Mobile Social Apps Work

Mobile social apps work in different ways.  All of them can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Some work only on iPhones, while others work only on Androids. The first step may be finding one that works on your phone.  Once you download an app, you register by giving some information about yourself, just as you would with an online dating site. Most people upload photos and a brief bio is a normal requirement. That’s how they work, in general. Y ou follow the prompts just as you would to download any app. Once your download is complete, the way the individual apps work varies.

The popular online dating websites also have mobile apps. Match.com, which started online in 1995, and eHarmony, which has been around since 2004, have apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and other Smartphones. These dating sites do not make use of GPS.  You find people based on your zip code or what you share in common.  Both apps can be accessed through your mobile phone, although you do have to pay for a membership before you can get started.  There are many, many other mobile dating apps, including Coffee Meets Bagel and Boyahoy.

Deciding which one you want to use may be the most difficult part of getting started, as well as finding out how much they cost. . . .