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10 Reasons to Leave Facebook

whatissocialnetworking.com | December 2014

Social media is all the rage these days and Facebook is among the most popular sites, but not everything on Facebook is positive.  These days, more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the social media giant.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to leave:

1.  Privacy?  What Privacy?   Nothing on Facebook is really private and this can get particularly dicey if your employer has access to your Facebook page.  Do you really want the boss seeing those embarrassing photos from your college frat party?

2.  Everyone and anyone can see what you post.  Let’s face it; there are some things you share with your friends that you don’t want your family to see and vice-versa.

3.  Big brother is watching.  As those ads at the side of your news feed suggest, Facebook keeps careful tabs of what its users post and even what they erase without actually posting.

4.  Endless friend suggestions.  While they’re keeping track of you, the folks at Facebook are also constantly suggesting people for you to friend, based on their records, not yours.  Who wants to be endlessly bugged with suggestions to friend people you don’t even know?

5.  You can’t escape those family feuds.  When members of your family are fighting it can spill over onto your newsfeed, making it impossible for you to get away from the action, whether you want to or not.

6. You’re how old?  People can say anything they want on Facebook, so be careful.  You could get sucked into thinking you’ve found the love of your life, only to realize he’s actually a 13 year old kid posting from mom and dad’s basement.

7.  Ads, ads and more ads.  Nothing is worse than having to slog through pages of ads to get to the one or two actual comments you really want to read.

8.  There’s no escaping politics and religion.  Everyone on Facebook seems intent on sharing their political or religious beliefs…whether you want to see them or not.

9. Damage to your self-image.  You can put a good face on it, but reading about all the good things happening in your friends’ lives may ultimately take a toll on your ego.

10.  Stalking.  The single most serious reason to avoid Facebook is when ‘friending’ becomes something dangerous.  If someone won’t leave you alone and is making you feel uncomfortable it may be time to ditch your Facebook profile entirely.

So how do you delete yourself from Facebook permanently?  That can be done, but you need to be careful about it to make sure it takes.  Simply clicking on the “delete profile” button won’t be enough.  The deletion process actually takes two weeks and if you log into your account for any reason during those two weeks, or access any other site where you use Facebook connect, the deletion process will be terminated and your account will remain active.  

You need to close your account on any site where you use Facebook connect, then go to the Facebook Account Deletion Page.  Here you’ll be asked if you really want to delete your account.  Click on delete, then on OK and then do nothing…absolutely nothing.  Do not log in to your Facebook account at all until the deletion is confirmed two weeks later.


At that point, you’ll be free of Facebook trauma for good.

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